Try Solitude

by Tomas Sen

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"Try Solitude": my first album in my home recording studio.

I've always been extremely intrigued with concept albums, so I felt an enormous urge to compose one someday. This isn't necessarily a mono-conceptual album, but there's three ideas that all tie together and derive from my thought tendencies when I'm alone: the universal feelings of romantic love, spirituality, and political/social change (we all know it's dying to happen). Although company can be a predominant source of happiness, solitude can be just as beautiful and rewarding.

This is my most proud work, with 100% passion invested into it.

I hope all who listen feel it.



released August 12, 2013

Kyle Havlick (The Kazoos)
Wyatt Scott (Album Design)



all rights reserved


Tomas Sen Denver, Colorado

Greetings Earthlings.

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Track Name: You, Blue Jay
Take another breath,
The last breath
Quietly drifting off,
Your clothes are now falling off

You're safe now that you're away
Where time decays
Go down to the riverbend,
We're having a couple friends,
Stay here and find that your mind is liberated

Slip, slip away
Embrace the lake
Slip, slip away
Blue jay way

You can never be replaced
You can never be replaced
Shut your eyes, blue jay
Track Name: Monogamy
True love is better than the clouds
It's better than the moody rain
True love is better than life itself

But when is it over?
It's eating me slowly
And it's just a food-chain

An insect once told me
That no one is in your tree,
Must be high or low

Head-over-heels I went
She never noticed me
I wish that she noticed me

I tried for monogamy,
Now I try solitude...
Track Name: Phantom Jealousy
Sanitize your mind
Because your mind
Is the only time
Your lips
Will convince you that it's
When you whisper in my ear
Elope for a whole year
A summer, a whole new love

Our minds
Lies sinister

The light
In the eye
Is love

Renovate the heart
When apart
It's a simple art
To rest physically
But to see
Is eventually
Aquatic multitudes
Silent solitude
Intangible activity
Organismic unity
Biocentric human scum
Track Name: The Human Farmers
It's strange
What a festering evil can do
I know now you can't invest your heart
But at least we cupped the sorry soul in our hands

Oh, when we decay
That old constitution can't save the town
And those bloody crooks can't buy my mind
Feed me fire, but I'm not a cow

Oh, when the mirror looks back at me
It doesn't like what it sees
But at least that I'm warm
Oh, I'll just have a good night

Got a money sack
Full of sadness
But a bellyful
Of wealth
The conveyor belts are turning
But this town is only turning off

I'll drag them on all by my own
Take us by my legs, we're all alone
Together again

So if you're only walking in the path of your own true love
Just remember what you're looking for
May be only fuel
To the crops
Of oil and rule
Give it up
Or take it out
They'll give us death
We'll give them light

These filthy, crooked
Human farmers
Might have something to say
To themselves
When they come across
That only sound
Around our town:
The supernova
Gave out god

If gold is only trust in an infinite trek
Then old men like J.P. can never strip our gold
From our chests into their veins
Like the news that's one week old
And a second too young
Track Name: The Great Shift
You feel like you're here to die
The lies are dancing right in front of you
You try to live a superfluous life
It seems that you might

Hold the flag of great men
Let the ego drift
Conciousness is a global shift

My walk down Dillon Road
Transparent troops
Tanks, jets, with no color
Like no other

I salute, then flee
Finding lucidity

Track Name: On Earth as It Is in Heaven (Featuring The Kazoos)
I followed you to the sun
I felt every step as we marched on
Through the soil

When a man screams, he roars
And every woman roars a scream
But we had left our dreams

Every breath inhaled
Vibrated my gums
And it was true

The kingdom is mine and yours
When yours and mine make ours
It's only hours
Until our ankles have buckled down
This place is old news

So disrobe, disrobe, disrobe
Strip away those old gears
Unbutton your old watch
As you unravel time

Stomp to your throne
And roar amongst the crowd
Tell them that it's yours
Track Name: Eye Contact
Catch yourself
When you're floating

Catch yourself
When you're floating

Dive, dive, dive
Into the sea
You will be free

Sip, psych,
Psyched out
Until there's a missing brain cell
From your prision cell

Your mind's a prison
And with it only comes a guard and a mission
To become intuition
Or ignition to start a fire
Called "Desire"
Inside your easy-target head cake,
Mr. Electricity is going to escape
This dead cape
Cape Cod
Rape pod
You're always safe with God
Track Name: Biocentric Human Scum
I see it in her eyes;
The kind that knows it's me
A stupid smile across my face,
I wipe it all away in case
It's when you find out

Hide under the tables
Mrs. Abhorrent's waiting:
"Enough with your naptime,
You had enough last night
While doing your busy work"
We start for outside
My muscles are laughing
I wake to a misery

Your condom
On your dad
Was ineffective
You repulsive fuck

I have a lot to give to you,
Compacted parking spaces
Track Name: Solitude
I know now she's been with me
This whole time
I close my eyes and my love is there
Alongside the five o'clock air

This love
Is old news
I'm young
But my face will become antique
When I'm old,
I will become new

I'll always find something new
As I'll always love myself
I am Whitman as much as I am
Tomas Sen

I'm in solitude
Yet I'm so amused
I sincerely
Feel my Earth
And I integrate
Once again

This love
Is old news
I'm young
But my face will become antique
When I'm old,
I will become new

Don't you ever forget
How much I love you
But I'm giving up
And hopefully I'll forget